Q: Why should we order a art class session?

A: Our art courses teach not just painting skills, other skills such as hand-eye coordination. Also there is a therapeutic aspect in which our art class can help those with arm injuries to the shoulder and wrist.

Q: We don't have quite enough people for a small class of 10, what do we do?

A: Contact us via email, we can hopefully accommodate your group size.

Q: Why are your art class courses so pricey?

A:  It does take a lot in the way of preparation and effort from accumulating all the supplies and materials for an art class of 10 or even a group of 30 people. The brushes and paints, plus the canvases we use are affordable, yet still of an expense. Plus the fuel & time from traveling to and from the suppliers and then set up at the art class appointment.

Q: What all is involved with an art class?

A: Our art classes run from 90 minutes to 2 hours, the classes are designed for a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 30 inspiring artists per session, Include the Use of Paints, painters easel, and 16x20 canvas size are supplied. We ask that alterations to time/date be rescheduled, rather than a cancellation.

Q:  We have a group of mix of skill levels, how do we order a session?

A: We ask that all of our inspiring artists be all the same,  we suggest starting with the Beginners skill level. As it would be extremely difficult to teach different students, all with different skill levels.

Q: How do we determine which Skill level to start with?

A: If you are having issue with deciding on which skill level to start with, we suggest you start with Beginner. As most likely a student with Easy skill level student will pick some additional methods, as a refresher course.

Q: What is your refund policy?
A: Change is scary - yet it doesn't have to be! Life happens. If you need to change your paint event day we are happy to reschedule for another painting event with at least one week's notice. Due to supplies and location contracts, refunds are not available within 10 business days of a scheduled event.

Thank you for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions