Autumn Mandalas

AWP designed Autumn and Mandalas. Simple, easy, meditative, relaxing, and a lovely piece of artwork for your wall.

This is a new art. No one on the internet has done this before (not that I can find). The closest I have come is someone did a wash of watercolour over the whole background and finished it with a pen and ink pattern. My idea is different. I take a walk outside, gathering different small leaves or shapes that have naturally fallen to the ground. Then I arrange them in a Mandala pattern, using repeating shapes for each concentric row. I also did one with line patterns that looked amazing too. Once sketched, I paint one leaf at a time with the watercolour wash method on 140 lb. professional cold press watercolour paper. Finally, I finish with pen and ink. The finished mandalas are bright and cheerful.
Tip 1: the small more intricate the more amazing the final product, but this tip comes with a patience warning. The time and effort taken for each tiny leaf can be time-consuming and frustrating for some, whereas if you do a few leaves a day and take your time to use this as a meditative experience it will be greatly rewarding.
TIP 2: Keep the leaf pattern on the page. I know this tip may seem odd, however, it makes it easier to paint. When watercolour hits the edge of the paper it wrinkles it and bleeds into the rest of the artwork. If you wish to let the pattern run off your page, use a bit of painters tape around the edges before painting. Remove before doing your own and ink step. Some artists like to outline their edge, while others like to let the edge stand. Your choice. I kept my leaves on the paper with room for a signature line.
TIP 3: I worked from the smallest leaf to the largest leaf on the circular Mandala. And I worked from largest leaf to smallest leaf on the line Mandala. Either way, put some thought into how your leaves will be arranged. It will improve the final outcome of your art.
TIP 4: When applying paint. Use a colour palette and work in a pattern. Yet remember creativity is essential to art so go ahead use colours not found in nature's leaves - I taught this new way of art to a grade 3/4 school class where a student used purple, pink, and blue colours for her leaves. They were amazing and beautiful. I hope her parents/guardians help her frame that piece of art - it needs to be enjoyed!
So go on, get creative! Let's see what you create. Link to this idea page. For me to see your Autumn Mandalas.