Beginners Group – Winter Trees

For the season, Art With Pamela is happy to announce the arrival of a temporary painting named Winter Trees, which runs till January 31, 2018. Painted on a 11" x 16" canvas.

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Our art sessions Include the Use of Paints, painters easel, and 11" x 16" canvas size. For the Beginners Group just for the painting of Winter Trees.

Pamela will show you how she added small craft berries and micro lights aka LEDs. You can purchase the additions via the Amazon link below, and Pamela can advise on how to turn your painting into a 3D Artwork. 3D additions Cannot be done during the Painting Class. ( Additions shown in other photos, are not included with your class. The reason is, the paint needs to dry fully for weeks, before any additional crafting can be made.  )

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Beginners Group - Winter Trees